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Featured News

The TV station's two studios now feature nine LDX 82 Flex cameras with extended HDR GV-eLicenses

MONTREAL, March 28, 2018 — To meet its own broadcast needs and those of local production groups, WXXI TV, the PBS affiliate in Rochester, New York, invested in nine LDX 82 Flex cameras from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand. The cameras support extended color gamut, acquisition in 1080i or 720p and HDR capabilities with full performance 1080p support through the GV eLicense upgrade system. The station has long utilized Grass Valley's server-based solutions and opted to extend the partnership further when rebuilding its two production studios.

"We are committed to outfitting each of our studios with the industry's best solutions to meet the expectations of our viewers and the production teams utilizing our equipment," said Kent Hatfield, vice president of technology, WXXI TV. "It's perfect that Grass Valley offers a variety of high-performance cameras for different budgets. The LDX 82 Flex made it possible for us to purchase the number of cameras that we really needed, but most importantly, the LDX 82 captures high-quality images that serve as a foundation for high-quality content."

As the definitive HD camera covering all HD standards, the LDX 82 Series offers the best sensitivity in all HD formats, including 1080p and a wide color gamut, leveraging the patented Xensium-FT CMOS imager which allows for better sensitivity, higher resolution and XDR (Extended Dynamic Range) operations with a full 15 F-stops. LDX 82 Series cameras are compatible with the XCU Elite camera base station which features a unique cradle. The cradle can be pre-mounted and pre-wired in the rack, making a secure mechanical and electrical connection, and automatically memorizing all the configuration settings of the production environment, permitting the XCU base station to easily slide in and out whenever needed. For increased flexibility, WXXI TV also chose to enhance its new studios with Grass Valley's RefleX SuperXpander Kit which acts as a large lens adapter to covert handheld cameras into studio-ready production systems.

"In rebuilding both in-house studios, WXXI TV was able to carefully evaluate its content needs against its production solutions and make equipment choices that will serve the company for years to come," said Kyle Luther, vice president of sales, western region, Grass Valley. "Our LDX 82 Series cameras and accessories are flexible and scalable, capturing the highest quality images no matter the type of quantity of content WXXI TV and its production partners are producing."

This fully integrated network of Grass Valley camera solutions provides WXXI TV flexibility between its two new studios, and the HDR capabilities ensure the cameras are a lasting investment for the station.


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